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Armadillo Races

SparkyArmadillo Races:
It just don’t get more Texas than ‘dillos! Nine-banded armadillos are “steered” down the track by guests selected as “jockeys.” Armadillo racing is the purest sport in the world today: unfettered by the unsavory underworld types like pari-mutuel racing; unscathed by strikes, like the NBA, NFL, MLB, and PBA (Bowlers); untouched by ludicrous player salaries, the armadillos race only for joy and earthworms; and unrestricted by huge, expensive tracks like those licensed by the Texas Racing Commission.

About the Dillos…

Marshall DilloMarshall Dillo:
Known as the “peace keeper” of Armadillo Racing, MARSHALL DILLO has proven himself to be a leader on and off the track. Just like his sister, Quesa Dillo-Bump, MARSHALL DILLO has Armadillo Racing in his blood. Their grandfather, San Angelo Sam, was a pioneer of the sport, and Marshall has followed in his footsteps since he was a youngster. “Those little tiny feet left some pretty big prints,” says Marshall of his grandfather. On the track, MARSHALL DILLO is a safe, but effective racer who takes chances but isn’t dangerous to the other racers. Off the track, he is a mentor to young racers and he strives to keep the sport clean. After the death of his good friend, Dale Earndirt, at the Dyrtona 500, he worked tirelessly to have the Armadillo Racing League mandate proper training, equipment and racing surfaces. He is the spokesdillo for the Armadillo Racing League, speaking out against performance enhancing drugs and the racers who use them. MARSHALL DILLO lives in Austin, but is considering a move to Illinois. Although his heart will always be in Texas, his dream to move Armadillo Racing further north, and eventually make it a nationally respected sport.

H. Ross BurrowH. Ross Burrow:
He may be a little guy with big ears, but Racer. H. ROSS BURROW was raised in the cotton fields of Texarkana, but the fame and fortune of the bright headlights of the racing world called his name. He left his family burrow at an early age and hit the road, racing at dirt tracks all across East Texas. In the early years, he was known to drop out of races altogether, but after meeting his idol, Speed Bump, at a mud bog race, H. ROSS BURROW finally began to take his training seriously. Over the years, H. ROSS BURROW has become not only a successful racer, but a spokesperson for the Armadillo Racing Union. Working diligently with racers across the country, he has helped develop best practices regarding training, nutrition, and housing conditions. That “Giant Sucking Sound” you hear is the sound of armadillo racers eating the finest quality earthworms during race season. Although he stays busy with his work with the Armadillo Racing Union, he races (and wins) several times a year. He may be small, but as he says, “You don’t have to be the biggest to beat the biggest.”

Speed BumpSpeed Bump:
Although he came from humble beginnings, one of four brothers living in a dirt-floored burrow, SPEED BUMP is now the most famous, most photographed armadillo in the world.
SPEED BUMP got on the road to fame (staying on the shoulder, of course) when he began as a sprinter in Armadillo Racing with International Armadillo Racing World Headquarters. He knew early that he wanted to be more than a sprinter, he wanted to be the Crew Chief. Digging in his claws, he moved earth and mountains to work his way to the top. SPEED BUMP and his Armadillo Racing team have been spotted at events for clients such as Baylor University, American Cancer Society Cattle Baron’s Ball, Hillwood Development, Microsoft, Mercedes and the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic. Races have been run in hotels, restaurants, bars, event facilities, convention centers, back yards and parking lots from the Red River to the Gulf of Mexico. SPEED BUMP has appeared on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and History Channel, and been photographed with such notables as Bradley Whitford, Colin Hanks, H. Ross Perot, Miss Texas, the Kilgore Rangerettes and the San Antonio Spurs Cheerleaders. He loves making new friends, and invites everyone he meets to friend him at SPEED BUMP lives in his underground apartment with his wife, Quesa Dillo-Bump. They have four boys, Goose Bump, Peca Dillo-Bump, Freddie Fender Bender-Bump and Bubba Bump, who have all become racing champions in their own rights.

Quesa Dillo-BumpQuesa Dillo-Bump
As Chief Executive Armadillo Officer of the International Armadillo Racing World Headquarters, QUESA DILLO-BUMP is one of the most respected female armadillo racers in the world. QUESA DILLO-BUMP earned her reputation as a pioneer by becoming one of the first
females in the sport, and the first female to win a National Armadillo Racing Championship. Hearing the stories of racing in England, Germany, Japan and China from her grandfather, San Angelo Sam, inspired her to achieve what no female armadillo had done before. It was a long hard road, but she overcame all the obstacles and dodged all the Dodges, and made it across the finish-line time after time. Today, QUESA DILLO-BUMP and her husband, SPEED BUMP, oversee the business side of the sport, but both still run several races a year. She particularly loves her work with the American Cancer Society’s Cattle Baron’s Ball and the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic (she says there’s just something about those armadillo-shaped footballs). QUESA DILLO-BUMP lives in East Texas with her husband, Speed Bump. They have four boys, Goose Bump, Peca Dillo-Bump, Freddie Fender Bender-Bump and Bubba Bump, who have all become racing champions in their own rights.