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The Pearland Crawfish Festival is moving!

New Location: MSR Houston

1 Performance Dr., Angleton , TX 77515

April 15 - 17, 2016
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Cajun Food

Bacon-Wrapped Crawfish Dog
Blackened Grouper
Boudin Balls
Cajun Friesd
Cajun Sausage
Cajun Smoked Turkey Legs
Catfish & Fries
Crab Cakes & Voodoo Salad
Crab & Shrimp Gumbo
Crawfish Etoufee
Crawfish -Grilled Oysters
Crawpeno Popper
Deep-Fried Cajun Cakes
Fish Basket
Fried Crawfish Pie
Fried Jambalaya Balls
Hot Dog – Cajun Bacon
Louisiana Lobster Puffs
Oyters – Grilled
Red Beans & Rice
Seafood Gumbo
Shrimp & Oyster Diablos
Shrimp on a stick
Shrimp Po-Boy
Soft-shell Crab
…& More…

Crawfish Étouffée: The French word “étouffer” means “to smother” and here a fluffly rice base is liberally smothered with crawfish in a rich roux, the Cajun “holy trinity” of onions, green peppers, and celery, and spice mixes that are the closely guarded secrets of our cooks.

Gumbo: Chefs and historians may argue whether this dish came from West Africa, or was a variation of French bouillabaisse, or if the name comes from the Bantu word for okra or the Choctaw word for filé, or ground sassafrass – Cajuns know to mix it all together and make a great dish. A thick soup of chicken or sausage, shrimp or crawfish, thickened with filé or okra or roux or any combination, served plain or over rice, gumbo is one of the great Cajun dishes.

Shrimp CreoleShrimp Creole: The bright red of tomatoes, pepper sauce, and cayenne give Shrimp Creole its distinctive look and spicy taste, coloring and flavoring its bed of rice.

Red Beans & Rice and Andouille Sausage: Rich red beans and hot, smoked andouille sausage served over fluffy white rice.

Boudin: The famous Louisiana sausage is a mixture of savoury,  pork, rice, and Cajun spices.

JambalayaJambalaya: Creole jambalaya (with tomatoes) and Cajun jambalaya (without tomatoes) are a meat and seafood stew, starting with the Cajun “holy trinity” of onions, green peppers, and celery and with the riced cooked in, instead of serving as a bed. Spicy and taking its flavor from the choice of meat or seafood, jambalaya is a classic example of Cajun variety.

Fried Alligator: Alligator is the King of the Cajun swamps and serious Cajun eating. A meaty texture with a fine seafood flavor, fried with a crispy, spicy, golden batter.

New Orleans Crab Cakes: The blue crab is a Gulf Coast staple, and these spicy Cajun cakes  will make you forget Maryland.

Blackened Grouper: Blacked fish was created by renowned New Orleans Chef Paul Prudhome and swept the nation.

Louisiana Lobster Puff: Pastry filled with rich lobster meat and spicy, creamy sauce.

Boudin Balls: The classic savoury pork and rice sausage, but instead of stuffed in casings, battered and deep fried.